Transport Infrastructure Baillieu’s Main Flaw

Improving transportation infrastructure to accommodate an increasing population remains a key issue for the Baillieu Government one year on from electoral success.

As the one year anniversary of Ted Baillieu’s electoral defeat of the Brumby Government approaches, Victorian organisations are beginning to assess the performance of the new premier.

Whilst the Victorian government has pleased the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) with its handling of state finances, and has encouraging prospects for its cooperation with local councils according to the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), both organisations have labelled transportation infrastructure as a key area in need of improvement.

VECCI Executive Manager of Communications and Public Affairs Chris James has highlighted the increasing urban population, increased patronage of the public transport system and increased traffic between the east and west as key issues that need to be addressed by the government.

‘The growth in population and the growth in popularity of public transport has actually taken governments by surprise somewhat,’ he said.

‘As the population increases, it’s vital that we take steps to improve public transport.’

Although the growth of patronage of the Melbourne public transport system is slowing, the number of patrons continues to increase. Numbers sourced and derived from: Metlink Annual Review 2008, 2009 and 2010

However, MAV President Cr Bill McArthur labels the outer metropolitan areas, those not serviced by railways or buses, as those most in need of transportation infrastructure.

‘[The lack of transportation infrastructure in outer metropolitan areas] clogs up our freeways and road system and puts other pressures onto our crumbling community infrastructure’, he said.

The government currently has numerous rail link studies underway for a number of proposed railways including a new Rowville Line, Avalon Airport Line, Melbourne Airport Line and Doncaster Line, all which hope to relieve pressure upon Melbourne freeways and the public transport system.

Map of the Baillieu Government’s proposed railway lines

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